Human Dimensions of the Environment (HDE)

HDE is an interdisciplinary research group at OSU focused on promoting social-behavioral approaches to the environment.  HDE welcomes scholars who focus on environmental questions from a range of perspectives, including communication, economics, environmental studies, geography, policy analysis, political science, psychology, public health, and sociology.  

HDE defines environmental questions broadly to include topics and issues such as global climate change, environmental health, risk management, energy, natural resources management, wildlife management, agriculture, environmental social movements, and political behavior and public opinion to name just a few.

Specifically, the goals of the HDE research group are:

a) Facilitate research and grant collaboration between faculty and graduate students across Ohio State University colleges, units and departments.

b) Provide a research forum that promotes 1) cross-fertilization of ideas, theories, and methods across disciplines and 2) constructive feedback about on-going research programs.

c) Educate graduate and undergraduate students about the breadth of social-behavioral approaches to understanding human dimensions of the environment.

d) Promote opportunities for outreach and communication about environmental issues and research to stakeholder communities and the general public.